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What are the advantages of working with one of your member Destination Wedding Travel Specialists?

Our members all specialize in Romance Travel and have helped many engaged couples find not only their PERFECT destination, but also been able to negotiate the best possible rates for their couples and their guests. Our members are not our employees and all work independently. Their membership assures you of their professionalism as they only can be a member by participating in our continuing education programs.

How can I be sure of what the requirements are for a legal wedding in a foreign destination?

Since laws can change, we cannot guarantee that the requirements listed on Perfect Wedding Away are still accurate. We always make our best effort to update them as they change. We recommend that you work with a Destination Wedding Travel Specialist who will always verify the current requirements.

Can you please explain the differences between a legal and a symbolic wedding? I want to be legally married in Punta Cana.

A legal wedding is one which is presided over by a judge or designee of the local government who has the authority to perform marriages. Most countries have specific requirements that must be met in order to have a legal wedding in that country, e.g. birth certificates; divorce decrees (if applicable); blood tests; etc. A symbolic wedding is one in which the couple are not legally married. In most cases the couple will legally marry at home right before leaving for their destination wedding. Some couples opt to have a legal ceremony in the destination before their religious ceremony. Your Destination Wedding Planner or Destination Wedding Travel Specialist can help you with setting up those details.

I am divorced and getting re-married in Playa del Carmen next February. I want to bring my children from my first marriage but understand that there are strict laws about taking a child outside the US and that I need to have approval from my first husband. Is this information correct?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you work with a Destination Wedding Travel Specialist. If you do not have the correct paperwork, it is likely that they will not allow the children out of the US.

I want to have a destination wedding and my fiancé is not 100% onboard. What are the advantages of having a destination wedding vs a more traditional, at home wedding?

The major benefit is cost savings. A traditional, at home wedding is much more expensive. There are many hotels and resorts that specialize in destination weddings and offer tremendous discounts for their guest’s weddings. In fact, some hotels and resorts provide free weddings and receptions based on the total number of room nights booked. Another benefit is that destination weddings tend to be more intimate as the couple’s closest friends and families attend which reduces the number of people attending. It has been the consensus of past destination wedding couples that what they and their guests enjoyed the most was having a multi-day celebration and not just a ceremony and dinner.

I would like to plan a destination wedding for my husband to be and myself. We had planned to get married in less than 5-months and are concerned that there is not enough time to plan our wedding. How much time is needed in order to plan a destination wedding?

Depending on what destination and resort you choose, you could plan a destination wedding in a very short amount of time. However, this might affect which of your family and friends would be able to attend in short notice. Ideally, in order to give your family and friends enough notice, 9 – 12 months would be ideal.

What is the best way to assure that my guests will be able to afford to attend my wedding?

Ideally, planning far in advance will give your guests the opportunity to save in order to attend your wedding. Also, some Destination Wedding Travel Specialists can arrange a payment plan so that your guests will be able to make monthly payments in advance of the final payment date.