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Perfect Wedding Away


Perfect Wedding Away.


  • Petition of the marriage. To start an action, the groom and bride must file a petition of the marriage in person at the Municipality (Belediye), called as "Evlenme Beyannamesi" in Turkish.
  • Passport and birth certificate, which has to be translated in Turkish by relevant authorities; this can be the Turkish Embassy in your country of origin or a certified notary in Turkey.
  • Health certificate, which has to be taken from a State medical institution in Turkey, named as "Saglik Ocagi" or "Devlet Hastanesi" in Turkish. Any report to be issued by private hospitals or clinics will not be accepted.
  • Six passport size photos belonging to bride and to groom.
  • Certificate of Capacity to Marry (Certificate of Celibacy), which states if a person is single, divorced, or widow. To be taken from the proper Civil Status Register of his/her own country. If this Certificate is to be issued in the country of the foreigner then it should be certified by the Turkish Consulate or Embassy there or it should have an apostil. It should also be translated into Turkish and notarized, otherwise it will not be valid. The Certificate of Celibacy can also be issued by the Consulate of the country of the foreigner located in Istanbul which has to be certified by the Governor of Istanbul (Istanbul Valiligi) located in Cagaloglu neighbourhood. Or if it's issued by the Embassy of the country of the foreigner in Ankara then it has to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic in Ankara.
  • Accommodation document. If both partners are foreigners then a letter should be written by the hotel that they're staying. In this letter, the duration of stay and date of departure will be written.



Foreigners wishing to enter Turkey should carry a travel document (passport) with an expiration date at least 60 days beyond the “duration of stay” of their visa, e-Visa, visa exemption, or residence permit. 


Countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Turkey with their national ID’s 

1. Germany 
2. Belgium 
3. France 
4. Georgia 
5. The Netherlands 
6. Spain 
7. Switzerland 
8. Italy 
9. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 
10. Liechtenstein 
11. Luxemburg 
12. Malta 
13. Portugal 
14. Ukraine
15. Greece 

Countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Turkey with their expired passports 

1. Germany – Passports expired within the last year / ID’s expired within the last year 
2. Belgium - Passports expired within the last 5 years. 
3. France - Passports expired within the last 5 years. 
4. Spain - Passports expired within the last 5 years. 
5. Switzerland - Passports expired within the last 5 years. 
6. Luxemburg - Passports expired within the last 5 years. 
7. Portugal - Passports expired within the last 5 years.
8. Bulgaria – Valid ordinary Passport


Turkish Lira


Turkish language is established as the official language of the country. The language is also the most spoken in the country. More than 30 ethnic languages exist in Turkey, but only small numbers of people speak a few of the ethnic languages.

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July is the hottest month in Olu Deniz with an average temperature of 26°C (79°F) and the coldest is January at12°C (54°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 13 in August. The wettest month is December with an average of 180mm of rain. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is26°C (79°F).

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Oludeniz is the archetypal picture-postcard beach backed by dramatic pine-clad hills. Literally translated as 'dead sea', the stunning lagoon is a protected area, ensuring that its natural beauty is preserved. The town is renowned for its fantastic blue-flag beach and safe waters, and although it has a degree of nightlife, is not regarded as a party destination.

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Oludeniz is located on the South-Western Turkey at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. Its costline is very long and is scattered with numerous sandy beaches and tiny coves. Belceğiz Beach, The local beach of Oludeniz. When you just walk down from your hotel to the sea it is the first beach that welcomes you. The entrance is free but you pay for your sunbeds and umbrellas. Blue Lagoon (Kumburnu) This is probably the most picturesque beach in the world. Walk along the main road and you will come to a gate.The entrance to this national park is with fee.The sea is very shallow so it is perfect for little ones. Camel Beach, opposite the cold water springs and so named because of the rock formation night time siluate - camel. Accessible only by boat, you can visit here on a daily boat tour or by private speed boat.

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Dalaman Airport (IATA: DLM, ICAO: LTBS) is an international airport and one of three serving south-west Turkey. Located 56.4 km away from the city, there are Bus and Taxi Shuttle services.

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You will find a decent supply of traditional Turkish souvenirs in Oludeniz, both down at the beach and in Hisaronu. Clothes are the best buys in Oludeniz, including fake designer labels and even the real McCoy. The Turks are masters at churning out textiles, clothes and rugs, and leather goods are particularly in abundance. Oludeniz is also big on carpets and jewellery, while knock-off watches, swanky sunglasses and similar goodies are widely available. The best of the shopping is in Hisaronu along the Carsi Caddesi, which is loaded up with shops selling everything from souvenirs to beachwear.

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Nightlife in Oludeniz and Calis tends to revolve around the restaurants and bars that turn into dancing haunts after around 10.30pm. Many run regular party nights, themed nights and occasional guest DJ's or live music. Amuse yourself with a few drinks and some good company until early morning. Local laws limit loud music in residential areas unless soundproofed therefore most bars on the beach reduce their volume at midnight, and shut it off completely at 2am. There are a few exceptions to the rule in each resort. See our specific resort guides or follow the party crowds if looking to stay out longer.

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Most of the eateries in Oludeniz cater to the British palate, with plenty of recognisable cuisine from the UK, along with the ubiquitous kebab joint. There are loads of beach bars with goodies like pizza and steak, as well as a handful of full-service restaurants with decent dining menus. Popular restaurants down at the beach include the Secret Garden, near the main street, and the Beyaz Yunus up on the cliff. The latter is known as the White Dolphin and has the most sublime locale high over Belcekiz Beach. The combination of unbeatable setting and tasty seafood dining has brought the Beyaz Yunus much acclaim in the region. Inland within the older part of Oludeniz at Hisaronu are more choices. There is a range of restaurants covering several nationalities here, including British and Turkish, and the food is cheaper than down at the beach.

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Diving, Boat Tours, sea fishing and River Rafting.


Oludeniz is a small resort village in the Muğla Province on the South West coast of Turkey on the Aegean Sea to the south and the high, steep sided Babadağ Mountain, 14 km (9 mi) south of Fethiye. The town is a beach resort. The area is known as "the Turquoise Coast" of Turkey - most probably due to it`s incredibly blue waters and sun drenched beaches.

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