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Perfect Wedding Away

Bora Bora

Perfect Wedding Away.


A form of ID and their birth certificates dated no more than six months prior to the date of the wedding accompanied by an “apostille” (or internationally accepted legal document) with a certified French translation for both documents. If the birth certificates do not specify, a certificate of custom, non-married status or capacity to be married must be supplied attesting that the parties are not already married. If necessary, death certificates or divorce documents translated into French must be presented as well as proof of residence and a certificate of a legal announcement with non-opposition (concerns only countries where announcement publications are required by law).

Either the couple or their wedding planner will also need to write a letter to the mayor of the commune in which they wish to be married, then fill out and mail the “Foreign Weddings in French Polynesia” document. Each of these documents must be sent to the mayor’s office of your chosen commune at least 45 days before the wedding date and the mayor’s office will confirm the time and date of the ceremony.

Once all the administrative details are taken care of, the mayor’s office will declare the wedding by putting an announcement on their bulletin board.

On the day of the wedding, the couple, witnesses and guests must be at the mayor’s office at the scheduled time for the ceremony. According to public law, the doors must remain open during the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the mayor will give the new married couple official documents that certify the union.

After this, it’s up to the future married couple to bring the French documents to their own country of residence and legalize the wedding under those laws.

Required Documents

  • The “Marriage of Foreign Citizens in French Polynesia” application must be completed.
  • A letter signed and dated by both future spouses, addressed to the mayor of the commune chosen for the marriage ceremony.
  • A copy of both spouses’ passports is required for proof of identity
  • A certified copy of both spouses’ birth certificates authenticated with an “Apostille” (note: the birth certificates must have been issued less than 6 months prior to the date of the marriage). Both of the birth certificates and the “Apostille” must be translated into French by an approved translator and legalized by the French Consulate. Translators can be found on the consulate’s website.
  • A “Certificate of Non-Marital Status” (“Certificat de Celibat”) signed by a lawyer, translated into French and legalized by the French Consulate. Lawyers can be found on the consulate’s website.
  • Proof of residency for both of the future spouses (a utility bill or any bill noting names and physical address will suffice). A photocopy of bills for both spouses is acceptable.
  • Optional, if a prenuptial agreement has been created, it must be translated into French and authenticated by the French Consulate.



ALL FOREIGNERS are requested to hold a visa to enter French Polynesia, except citizens from:

-An EU country (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia,  Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,  latvia, lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal,  Czech Republic, Rumania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden);
-Visitors holding a residence permit granted by one of the EU country members or within the Schengen area;
-From the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway);
-From Andorra;
-From Monaco;
-From San Marino;
-From Vatican;
-From Switzerland;

Countries not subject to a visa requirement for short stays as defined per the decree of December 29th, 2011, in relation with documents and visas required for foreigners’ entry on the territory of French Polynesia (www.legifrance.gouv.fr):

– Antigua-Barbuda
– Argentina
– Australia (including residents of Norfolk)
– Bahamas
– Barbados
– Bolivia
– Brazil
– Brunei
– Canada
– Chile
– South Korea
– Costa-Rica
– El-Salvador
– United States (including residents of American Samoa and Guam)
– Guatemala
– Honduras
– Israel
– Japan
– Kiribati
– Malaysia
– Northern Mariana Islands
– Marshall Islands
– Mauritius
– Mexico
– Federated States of Micronesia
– Nauru
– Nicaragua
– New Zealand (including residents of Tokelau, Niue and Cook Islands)
– Palau
– Panama
– Paraguay
– Saint-Christophe-et-Niévès
– Salomon Islands
– Seychelles
– Singapore
– Tonga
– Tuvalu
– Uruguay
– Venezuela
– Western Samoa

Besides, special exemptions may be granted to holders of a diplomatic or governmental and biometrical passport of certain countries.  Regarding short stay visas, visitors must hold a return flight ticket.

Should a foreigner wish to stay longer than a period of three months in French Polynesia, the latter should apply for a long stay visa.  The only exception will be for EU nationals, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino.


The CFP Franc is the currency of Comptoirs Français du Pacifique (CFP).


French is the only official language of French Polynesia. However Tahitian and other Polynesian languages are widley spoken too. 

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The average temperature for the year in Bora-Bora is 80.0°F (26.7°C). The warmest month, on average, is January with an average temperature of 80.0°F (26.7°C). The coolest month on average is July, with an average temperature of 77.0°F (25°C).

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Jewel of the South Seas. Undoubtedly the most celebrated island in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is French Polynesia's leading lady. Her beauty is unrivaled and her fame, unwavering. Bora Bora is one of the few places on earth that everyone hopes to witness in their lifetime—and once you see it, you are forever in love.

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Matira Beach is a mile of exquisite sand at the southern tip of Bora Bora Island. Often described as the most beautiful beach, it has a fun atmosphere that offers natural shade from palm trees.

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Bora Bora Airport (IATA: BOB, ICAO: NTTB), also known as Motu Mute Airport, is an airport serving the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia, France. It is located on the islet of Motu Mute.

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Whether you’re looking for authentic crafts or unique gems shopping in Bora Bora promises to be an adventure filled with unique gifts and presents. Shopping Malls and Markets If you’re searching for some trendy French and Island wear, shop at the Vaitape Mall. This small mall is lots of fun, and is ideal for finding that perfect swim suit, or stocking up on tanning lotion. Don’t miss the flea markets throughout the island. The one closest to the wharf in Vaitape is the largest and has quaint looking huts selling wood carvings, seashells and jewelry.

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Bora-Bora isn’t famous for nightlife, but there are a few ways to enjoy the evening, island style. The Sunset Bar at the Four Seasons is the perfect place to enjoy cocktails or a meal and enjoy the sunset. The bar is situated over the lagoon with a view of Mount Otemanu. The Aparima Bar at the St. Regis Resort is a good place to grab a drink, have some food and just relax.

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The resort and island restaurants on Bora Bora are as famous as the island itself. Each of the resort and hotel restaurants offers world-class dining with magnificent lagoon views, while regular after-dinner Polynesian shows feature the island's best musicians and dancers. Enjoy Bora Bora restaurants like the world famous Bloody Mary's, where the sand floor and charbroiled seafood offer a fun evening for visitors and celebrities alike. Villa Mahana specializes in Mediterranean, and La Bounty serves up the island's best pizza. Temanuata is famous for fresh tuna and Matira Bar for duck.

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Snorkeling and scuba diving in and around the lagoon of Bora Bora are popular activities. Many species of sharks and rays inhabit the surrounding body of water. There are a few dive operators on the island offering manta ray dives and also shark-feeding dives.


Bora Bora is a 30.55 km2 (12 sq mi) island group in the Leeward group in the western part of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France in the Pacific Ocean. Bora Bora is a major international tourist destination, famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. The major settlement, Vaitape, is on the western side of the main island, opposite the main channel into the lagoon. Produce of the island is mostly limited to what can be obtained from the sea and the plentiful coconut trees, which were historically of economic importance for copra.

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