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Perfect Wedding Away


Perfect Wedding Away.


To apply for marriage - whether you are getting married in Copenhagen, somewhere else in Denmark or abroad - you must fill in an application and send it to the wedding office along with the required documents which are listed below.

The wedding office has a processing time of up to three weeks. When we have approved your application we can assign a date and time for your wedding.

Please send a prioritised list of possible dates for your wedding with your application.

The earliest you can apply is four months before the date you wish to get married.

The following documents - if relevant to you – must be submitted together with the filled in notice of marriage form and a receipt for the payment of the examination fee, preferable attached to an e-mail as pdf files.

Please note that the relevant original documents must be presented by you personally at Copenhagen City Hall one working day before the scheduled wedding, at the latest. We will give specific information before your wedding.

If you are both registered as residents in Denmark, you must fill in and send the notice of marriage form digitally.

If none of you reside in Denmark you must fill in and send the notice of marriage form to the Wedding Office via e-mail.

Personal Identification

Scan of the picture page of your valid passport

Scan of valid residence permit if you are not a Danish citizen but live in Denmark, OR

Scan of valid residence permit, visa, or proof of entry in Denmark, the EU or Schengen

Certificate of Marital Status

The certificate of marital status must be less than four months old when you send it, and state your:


Date of birth

Place of birth

Current address


Marital status

If issued in another language than English, German or Danish, the certificate of marital status must be submitted in two versions: the original, and a translation into either English, German or Danish. The translation must be done by a certified translator.

Divorce Decree

If either of you are divorcees you must submit your latest issued divorce decree(s), which must fulfill the following requirements:

Complete, dated and authorised.

The decree(s) must be final and state that the divorce has not been, and cannot be, appealed to a higher court, meaning that the parties are free to remarry.

Please note that we require legalisation of divorce decrees, and the translations, issued in a number of countries. You will be contacted if necessary.

If issued in another language than English, German or Danish, the divorce decree(s) must be submitted in two versions: the original, and a translation into either English, German or Danish. The translation must be done by a certified translator.

Death Certificate of Former Spouse

Please note that we require legalisation of death certificates, and the translations, issued in a number of countries. You will be contacted if necessary.

If issued in another language than English, German or Danish, the death certificate(s) must be submitted in two versions: the original, and a translation into either English, German or Danish. The translation must be done by a certified translator.

Examination Fee

A proof of payment of the examination fee must be sent together with the application. The fee is 870 Danish kroner (approximately 117€) (2018). It is possible to pay with a different currency, but the amount must correspond to 870 Danish kroner. This examination fee must only be paid if neither of you are registered with an address in Denmark. Please note that this fee is for the examination of the papers and not for the wedding itself. There is no fee to be paid for the wedding itself.



Denmark is a member of the European Union, and travel to and from Denmark is governed by EU law. Therefore, different entry requirements may apply depending on where you're travelling from, and what your nationality is. There are also certain rules governing what pets you may bring into the country.

Denmark is part of the European Union's Schengen agreement, which means that you do not need to show your national ID card or passport when you are travelling to or from Denmark from another Schengen EU country. You are still recommended to bring your passport or ID card with you in case you need to prove your identity. Some airline operators still require you to present a passport even for travels within the Schengen area.

EU citizens can travel freely to Denmark; citizens of other countries may require a visa. If you travel to Denmark from outside the Schengen agreement area, you may also require a visa. Check with your embassy or consulate if you need a visa.


The currency in Denmark is Danish Kroner (DKK).


In Denmark, the mother tongue is Danish. In general Danes speak English extremely well, and some even German and French.

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Helsingor has a moderate maritime climate. Because of its location in the northeast it is slightly colder here than in the more southerly located cities in Denmark. The climate of Helsingor is strongly influenced by the surrounding seas. Because of this influence extremes in weather are uncommon. However, when the Sont freezes over temperatures may drop far below freezing point.

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Elsinore (Danish: Helsingør, no one is quite sure what the official English name is) is a city of just under 50.000 residents, in the north eastern corner of the island Zealand in Denmark. It is the closest city to Sweden, with frequent ferry connections to its twin city across the strait; Helsingborg. It is known for the impressive Kronborg castle, its historic city centre and as the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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Snekkersten beach lies approximately 3 km south of Helsingør. The sandy beach with grass areas in the background equipped with tables and benches are a popular beach for locals from Snekkersten and Helsingør. Grønnehave Beach - Lovely beach with sand and gravel and dunes in the backdrop. The beach is within walking distance from Helsingør city centre and close to Helsingør Camping. Fireplace, beach playground and beach volleyball court. There are toilets, kiosk and beach cabins at the campsite. Lifeguard in the high season and 3 life posts. Handicap facilities: Car park and paved path to the waterline. Hornbæk Beach is the largest and most visited beach on the coast of North Sealand. This is mainly due to the good quality: A wide beach with fine sand and good water quality, sheltering dunes in the backdrop and the safe swimming for children and adults.

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The closest airport to Helsingor is The International Airport of Copenhague-Kastrup. The airport is the main hub out of three used by Scandinavian Airlines and is also an operating base for Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Ferries and trains are the two most common ways to get to this port city. With Helsingør being so close to Sweden, you can take the ferry that leaves every half hour from the train station. You can take your car with you, and you’ll be across the border in just 20 minutes. The main train station has two terminals that are adjacent to each other. One is for national trains and the other for privately owned trains that will take you up and down the North coast. The major station (DSB) will take you to Hillerod or Copenhagen, with the trains running every hour or less until midnight. If you’re coming from Copenhagen, you can get to Helsingør by the main station in Copenhagen (platform 4.)

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Helsingør has a wide range of shops, but it is the specialist and delicatessen shops combined with the beautiful, old half-timbered houses and narrow alleys that make shopping here a truly wonderful experience. Cheese, Biscuits and Art It is easy to find your way around the city via the three pedestrian streets of Stengade, Stjernegade and Bjergegade. The main shopping street Stengarde has fashion boutiques, wine merchants, vegetables, delicatessen and Denmark´s oldest patisserie - Möllers Conditori. At Hans Rostgaards Gård, there is a working handicraft workshop and a doll´s house shop for collectors and nostalgics. At one end of Stengade is Bycenter with 33 shops. Designer goods and market days The parallel streets of Stjernegade and Bjergegade have exciting interior design and specialist shops, elegant fashion boutiques with designer goods and lovely meat and delicatessen shops. The streets lead to Axeltorv´s restaurants with outdoor seating in the square.

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Helsingør is a city with entertainment to suit all tastes. There are many discos for the younger generation, as well as pubs and places with live music such as 60s rock, country, rock and jazz. During some periods, there is stand-up comedy and theatre. There are also nightclubs

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In Helsingør it is easy to get caught up in the city´s special atmosphere. There is a wide range of charming restaurants and cafés were you can take in the atmosphere and street life. Axeltorv in the heart of Helsingør is edged by many nice places that serve good food and drink. Many of the restaurants are located in the century-old, half-timbered houses along the pedestrian streets that crisscross the heart of Helsingør.

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The waters around Elsinore are extremely popular with anglers; year round they can be spotted on the piers and bulwarks of the city, but during May-July, when the garfish (Danish:Hornfisk) season is in swing. Fishing equipment can be rented at Helsingør Bådudlejning. The harbour also host a large collection of fishing tour boats and charters.


Helsingor is a medium-sized city located in the northeastern part of the island of Zealand in the Hovedstaden Capital region. The city is known for Kronoborg Castle where William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet is set. However, in the play the castle is called Elsinor. The play is performed here on a regular basis. This castle is a Unesco preservation site. The city is located on a landslip in the Sont, only four kilometers from the Swedish coast. The first castle was built by King Eric IV. During the following centuries the castle was rebuilt several times until it became the Renaissance castle it is today.

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