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Perfect Wedding Away


Perfect Wedding Away.


The process for getting married can vary slightly between regions and islands so it is suggested to verify requirements with the local City Hall, and/or with the presiding religious leader in the case of a religious ceremony. The application process may take a few weeks so it is important to start as early as possible. A wedding notice must be published in one local newspaper or (in small towns) posted at the town hall in the Greek language eight days before the application for the marriage licence can be submitted. One notice must be published or posted for the bride, and one notice must be published or posted for the groom. The names on the notice should be phonetically written in Greek and not in Latin characters.

Required documents

The following are required of foreigners applying for a marriage licence in Greece (the bride and groom must each submit these documents):

A passport

A valid residence permit (if applicable)

An original or certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate, along with an official translation into Greek. The birth certificate should have an Apostille stamp (see below)

If either has been married before, a death certificate or final divorce decree, along with an official translation into Greek

A Certificate of No Impediment (CNI), which must be completed in English and Greek and notarised at the applicable Embassy

A copy of the newspaper in which the wedding notices were published (if applicable)

The court decision approving the marriage for those under 18 years of age

Application fee

Two sets of the above documents are required if both civil and religious ceremonies are to be performed. One set is for the town hall and the other for the priest. Note: Americans marrying in Greece may be able to use a valid marriage licence issued in the United States if the licence does not contain any wording that indicates it is exclusively valid in the issuing jurisdiction.

Certificates of No Impediment

For foreign nationals already in Greece, it may be possible to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from their consular authority in Greece. This will usually require the applicant to attest to the fact that they are legally able to marry. A minimum residence period in Greece may apply, and the waiting period for the Certificate can be several weeks. In some cases, consular authorities may require proof of civil status from the person's home country, which can be obtained from the registry office or town hall of the person's previous place of residence. This must be officially legalised with an Apostille stamp. Note: If a Certificate of No Impediment cannot be obtained from a consular authority in Greece, then it must be obtained from the local registry office or town hall where the foreign national resides, therefore it is strongly suggested to contact the consulate in Greece well in advance.

The Apostille/Legalisation

Any foreign legal documents which are to be used in Greece must be officially legalised with the Hague Convention Apostille. The Apostille is a stamp or seal that signifies the document is legal and authentic; it is meant to simplify the process of document legalisation across international borders. If submitting more than one document requiring a Hague Convention Apostille, each document must have an Apostille. A Hague Convention Apostille for a legal document, such as a birth certificate or divorce decree, can be obtained by an approved government office in the country, state or county where the document originates (this could be a State Secretary's office or Foreign and Commonwealth Office). If the country is not a member of this Hague Convention, then a certified letter from the town hall where the document originates, stating that the document is valid and true, may be sufficient. Otherwise, the Greek Embassy in the applicant's home country may validate the documents.


All legal documents submitted for the marriage which are not in Greek must be officially translated into Greek. The term official translation means a translation that has been made and certified by a lawyer, a certified translator or by the Greek Foreign Ministry’s Department of Translation (μεταφραστική υπηρεσία/ Metafrastiki Ipirresia). For those outside of Greece, the Greek Consulate in their home country can offer official translations. A fee is payable for translation services. Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Department of Translation At: Arionos St. 10, Psirri, 105 54 Athens Tel: 210 328 5713/5736 Fax: 210 328 5777 Open: Monday-Friday 09:00-13:00

Registration of the Marriage

All marriages in Greece, whether civil or religious, must be registered at the local Registrar's Office/Office of Vital Statistics (Lixiarhio) within 40 days following the ceremony. Registration can be done by the bride or groom, or by any individual who is in possession of a power of attorney signed before a Notary Public giving them the authority to register the marriage. Once registered, a Marriage Certificate (lixiarchiki praxi gamou) will be issued within three days and can be picked up or sent via the mail. Note: Marriages not registered have no legal validity.  After 90 days, marriages can only be registered with the District Attorney's authorisation and the payment of fines.



For EU citizens who travel to Greece, no passport is required, just the identity card with latin characters is enough. For the non EU citizens, a valid passport is necessary to enter Greece. In case you lose your passport in Greece, the local police and the embassy of your home country must be contacted. It is recommended to have a photocopy of your passport in order to get the process of replacement quicker. All citizens of foreign countries, except for the countries of the European Union, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, need a visa to enter Greece. For more information, contact the Greek National Tourist Offices in your country or go to your embassy in Greece. View list of Embassies in Greece. A passport can serve like an ID. Apart from the official identity card of your country, other form of identification is the driving licence.


As the island of Mykonos is a part of Greece, it’s also a part of the European Union. And just like the mainland, the currency in Crete is the Euro (€). There are lots of ways to buy your Euros before you leave, and this is the best option to make sure you get the most for your money. But if you do forget to get some before you jet off, can easily pick up the local currency while you’re out there. The Euro is the most widely used currency on the European continent, so it’s ideal if you’re planning of travelling to lots of different countries across Europe.


The official language of Greece is Greek, spoken by 99% of the population. In addition, a number of non-official, minority languages and some Greek dialects are spoken as well. The most common foreign languages learned by Greeks are English, German, French and Italian.

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The tourist season starts April 1, or around Greek Easter. The period from December through March is very much the off-season and marked by colder temperatures, rain and winds. Although the temperature is rarely cold, the poor weather makes for a less than optimal experience on this beautiful island. Most of the businesses, including hotels and guest houses, may be closed. The air is usually hot and dry during the busy summer months with very little rain between May and September. Ideal times to visit, for milder weather, lower prices and crowds, are April-June and September-October.

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Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands. It is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, the strange white aubergine (eggplant), the town of Thira and naturally its very own active volcano. There are naturally fantastic beaches such as the beach of Perissa, maybe the best beach in Santorini, the black pebble beach of Kamari, white beach and red beach.

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Santorini beaches are composed of volcanic sand and pebbles. Very unique and beautiful to look at but they’re not the best beaches in Greece with idyllic white sand. Swimming in the crystal clear blue water is refreshing and wonderful. (Since the beaches have coarse sand there’s little dust to cloud the water.)

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Santorini (Thira) National Airport is an airport in Santorini/Thira, Greece (IATA: JTR, ICAO: LGSR), located north of the village of Kamari. With regular flights from Athens by Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines and AirSea Lines (a seaplane airline). Flight duration from Athens to Santorini is about 30 minutes. During summer, Sky Express connects Santorini with other popular islands such as Crete (Heraklion), Rhodes and Mykonos. During the months of July and August Astra Airlines flies from Thessalonik.

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Santorini is a shopper's paradise. That is if you associate buying stuff with being in heaven. Most of the stuff you can buy in the Plaka and Monastiraki in Athens, like jewelry, ceramics, fake Greek art, worry beads, and so on, is sold here in the shops of Thira and Oia at higher prices so that when the cruise ships pull into Athens most of the passengers are tapped out and their largest purchase is a souvlaki or a postcard of the Acropolis, unless they bought that in Santorini as well. That being said, besides the normal tourist junk Santorini is full of one-of-a-kind boutiques and galleries and interesting shops that sell local arts and crafts and things that you wont find in Athens, unless they have become so popular that they have a branch there as well.

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There are many places on the island for you to enjoy your drink, loud or chillout, busy or quiet and of course super romantic ones (there are plenty of them, yes). But don’t think for a second that you will not find a place to your own liking. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic place to have a drink, a group of friends wanting to party all night long, or a solo traveller hoping to meet new people while on holidays.

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There are many traditional récipes like Brantada – A local Santorinian fish dish. Cod fillet coated in a mixture of flour, water, salt and sometimes beer, normally served with garlic salad. The best place to try it is in some less touristic villages, like Exo Gonia. Koskosela (local Strapatsada. Santorinio Sfougato – A traditional Santorini dish. Ingredients: small zucchini, onions, extra virgin olive oil, flour, eggs, rosemary leaves or spearmint tea leaves or dill, xinomyzithra or other sour milk cheese or soft feta, naxos sweet gruyère, salt and fresh ground pepper, sweet peppers, sesame seeds. Tsounisti (Manestra) Fava – A local Santorini dish, originally made with the broad bean. Later on, the broad bean was replaced with an easier version, the yellow shelled lentil. Its name originates from the word "favus" which is the Latin word for broad beans. Melitinia (dessert) – Melitinia are cookies that are made for weddings, engagements and festivals.

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Great diving spots in Santorini include the promontory of Trypiti in Therasia, and the shipwreck in Taxiarhis, Palia Kameni. The reef in the area of Adiavati (inside the Caldera to the south, near Akrotiri) is also ideal for a dive. If you like cave exploration, try Mesa Pigadia and the so-called "Indian's'" rock. Other excellent locations are Armeni near Oia (for wall dives), Ammoudi and Aspronisi. There are a great variety of watersports including sailing, motorskiin


Crescent-shaped Santorini (or Thíra), the precious gem of the Aegean, is actually a group of islands consisting of Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni in the southernmost part of Cyclades. Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands. It is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, the strange white aubergine (eggplant), the town of Thira and naturally its very own active volcano. There are naturally fantastic beaches such as the beach of Perissa, maybe the best beach in Santorini, the black pebble beach of Kamari, white beach and red beach.

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PerfectWeddingAway.com makes every effort to keep resort information up to date, however, information and marriage requirements may change, so we cannot guarantee that all information on particular resorts or destinations are completely accurate. Before making wedding decisions on any resort or destination, we strongly recommend that you speak with your destination wedding travel agent or / and wedding planner.