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Perfect Wedding Away


Perfect Wedding Away.


Getting married abroad or in Belgium

You can get married in Belgium when:

One of the future spouses at the time of the solemnisation of the marriage is Belgian.

One of the future spouses at the time of the solemnisation of the marriage is domiciled in Belgium.

One of the future spouses at the time of the solemnisation of the marriage has been domiciled in Belgium for over three months.

In Belgium, marriage between two persons of the same sex is possible as long as one of the partners is Belgian or has been habitually resident in Belgium for more than three months.

Where can I get married in Belgium?

The marriage can be solemnised by the Registrar of the municipality where one of the future spouses is domiciled. If neither spouse is domiciled in Belgium, or if the habitual residence of one of the spouses does not correspond to the place of residence, the marriage can be solemnised in the municipality of the habitual residence.

For Belgians living abroad who are not domiciled or habitually resident in Belgium, the marriage can be solemnised by the Registrar of the municipality which is:

the most recent place of residence of one of the future spouses.

the place of residence of a 1st or 2nd degree blood relative (grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren) of one of the future spouses.

the birthplace of one of the future spouses.

If none of these places are possible, then a Belgian who is not domiciled or habitually resident in Belgium can marry in the municipality of Brussels.

Getting married abroad

If you want to get married abroad, you must contact the foreign authority that will solemnise the marriage.

Which legal system is applicable?

For each future spouse, the basic conditions for the marriage are governed by the laws of the country of which he or she is a national at the time the marriage is contracted.

If you are Belgian and you want to get married abroad, the basic conditions for the marriage relating to you will be dictated by Belgian law. Essentially, this means that you must be at least 18 years of age, not be married or no longer be married and consent to the marriage. The laws of the country of which your future spouse is a national will determine the basic conditions for the marriage applicable to him or her.

The official formalities for solemnising the marriage are determined by the laws of the country where the wedding takes place.

Your marriage will only be valid in Belgium if both the basic conditions and the official formalities have been complied with.

What documents do I have to submit?

To find out which documents you need in order to get married abroad, you are advised to contact, in Belgium, with the embassy or consulate of the country where you intend to marry.

You can also obtain information on this subject via your future spouse directly from the local authorities that will solemnise the marriage.

In some countries, in order to solemnise a marriage the local authorities require a certificate stating that there is no reason why the marriage cannot take place. This document is issued by the Belgian consulate in the country where the marriage is to be solemnised.   You are strongly advised to contact the Belgian consulate before you leave.

In some countries, the local authorities require an affidavit of foreign law detailing the provisions for marriage contained in the Belgian Civil Code. You can obtain this affidavit from the Federal Public Service Justice, Direction générale de la législation et des Libertés et Droits fondamentaux, Service Droit de la Famille, Boulevard de Waterloo 115, 1000 Brussels (tel: 02/542.65.11, email: secretariat.droitdelafamille@just.fgov.be). In some countries the authorities will request additional certificates, for example a criminal record check and/or a medical certificate.

Is my marriage valid in Belgium?

A foreign marriage certificate may be recognised in Belgium if the basic conditions for marriage applicable in the country of which the spouses are nationals and the official formalities of the country where the marriage was solemnised have been respected.

Should a foreign marriage certificate be transcribed into the Belgian registers?

Your foreign marriage certificate can be transcribed into the civil status registers of a Belgian municipality. This makes it easy to obtain extracts or literal copies in Belgium.

Does my foreign partner become a Belgian citizen through marriage?

Marriage to a Belgian citizen does not have a direct influence on your foreign partner’s nationality.



Depending on the purpose of your travel to Belgium, there are different types of visas that will apply to the occasion. Whether you are planning to go on a visit, study or work and reside there permanently, you will have to apply for a different Belgium Schengen Visa, accordingly. You can apply for the Belgian Schengen Visa since 1995 when Belgium as an EU Member State also became a member state of the Schengen Area.

General required documents for a Belgian Schengen Visa Application:

Firstly, download the application form, fill it completely and with sincerity. You can also fill the Schengen Visa application form electronically and then print a hard-copy.

2 photos must be attached; the photo should be of passport format – a recent whole-face capture with a light background. Learn more about photo requirements and specifications for a Belgian Visa.

Your passport and copies of your previous visas – valid for at least 3 months beyond return date – are required. Your passport must have at least two blank pages.

Travel health insurance confirmation of minimum 30,000 € coverage within Belgium and the entire Schengen area.

A cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Belgium and itinerary

Flight Itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Belgium

Hotel Booking for the whole duration of the intended stay in Belgium. Find and Book Cheap Hotels in Belgium!

Proof of civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card if applicable)

Means of subsistence – Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay.


As one of the most important cities in Europe and the seat of the EU Parliament, the currency in Belgium is of course Euro. This makes it easy for those used to the Euro currency, and if you even live in a nation with Euro, it gets even easier. If you come from a nation without Euro, and woud like to get to know how much a Euro is worth in your local currency you can find it out using the Currency Converter further down on the page. The easiest way to get hold of Euro is to use one of the many ATMs in Brussels. There are also offices where you can chance your local currency to Euro, but these are more expensive to use compared to withdrawing cash from an ATM. Most restaurants, hotels and shops accept payment with card.


Historically Dutch-speaking, Brussels saw a language shift to French from the late 19th century. Although officially bilingual in Dutch and French, French is now the de facto main language with over 90% of the population speaking it. Brussels is also increasingly becoming multilingual. English is spoken as a second language by nearly a third of the population and a large number of migrants and expatriates speak other languages, namely Arabic, Spanish, German and Italian.

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Brussels has a temperate climate with four seasons spanning the whole year. Temperatures are relatively mild during the whole year with the average low at 1°C in winter and only 23°C in summer. Winds tend to be slightly stronger in winter but the most constant weather pattern would be rainfall. Snow is possible but doesn’t occur very often. On average Belgium gets more rainfall than the UK and slightly less than the Netherlands, the rainiest months are July (mid-summer) and December (early winter). The month with the least rain in Brussels is actually April (mid-spring) – but still carry a fold-up with you just in case. Despite so much rain, humidity is moderate (around 50%).

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The city of Brussels has evolved several times but to this day you can still see the original city walls. Throughout the ages Brussels has been the home of kings, a trade hub and an epicentre of many crafts. Brussels is one of the most international cities in the world. 27% of the population is made up of foreigners, not including those who have taken Belgian citizenship. In following with its status as the Capital of Europe (the seat of the European Union), Brussels is also the location for 40,000 EU employees, 4,000 NATO employees and hosts about 300 permanent representations: lobby groups, embassies and press corporations.

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Brussels Beach (Bruxelles les Bains) opens its urban beach from July - August at the Quai des Péniches near the Place Sainctelette. The site is closed on Tuesdays. Usually, there are lots of events and activities for young and old.

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Belgium's location at the centre of western Europe means international transport links and Belgian public transport are typically good. This guide explains the main national and international public transportation systems so you can get around in Belgium. Brussels Airport (IATA: BRU, ICAO: EBBR) (also called Brussel-Nationaal / Bruxelles-National (Brussels-National) or Zaventem) is an international airport 6.5 NM (12.0 km; 7.5 mi) northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In 2017, more than 24 million passengers arrived or departed at Brussels Airport, making it the 23rd busiest airport in Europe. It is located partially in Zaventem, partially in the Diegem area of Machelen, and partially in Steenokkerzeel, in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is home to around 260 companies, together directly employing 20,000 people and serves as the home base for Brussels Airlines and TUIfly Belgium.

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Brussels shopping is not limited to chocolates, beer and lace, although these three are definitely worth checking out for their quality and craftsmanship. During your Brussels vacation, you can sample the highest quality boutique shops and the most eclectic mix of goods at Brussels markets. There are mainly two types of souvenirs to purchase in Brussels - food and beverages or novelty trinkets. The tourist area that will offer all of these is along the narrow pedestrian streets that lead to the Grand Place (Grote Markt) from all directions - . Most of the tourist shops are open, even on Sundays. In the novelty shops, you will find that most of the shops sell similar items such as Peeing boy statues and keyrings, shot glasses or mugs. The only tourist shops for novelty items in Brussels are located at the Grand Place.

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Brussels has no fewer than 50 places where you can dance the night away. The cream of international DJs come here every weekend because they are familiar with the electric atmosphere among the people of Brussels. Techno, electro, house, R ’n’ B, Ragga, salsa, oldies,... the choice of music here is as varied as the venues that play host to it. It’s up to you to join in with all that surplus energy. So just choose whatever you like.

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Quality dining is one of the pleasures of Brussels, but you need to know where to eat otherwise you will fall into tourist traps. Just because a place is crowded doesn't mean the food and beverages are good. Know where the locals go to be treated with first class service and fair price. There are a few dishes that are typically Belgian and you will frequently find these on the menu in Brussels. Other firm favourites are mussels and fries. This section gives an introduction to some of these Brussels favourites of Belgian Cuisine. With over 400 varieties of Belgian beer, it is hard to escape them when you are in Brussels. One of the highlights of coming to Brussels is enjoying the wonderful food. The restaurants in Brussels have some of the best food in Europe. There are strong influences from Italian and French cuisine. Have a look in this section to find out about the types of restaurants in Brussels, where to find them and some tips on dining out.


The City of Brussels (French: Ville de Bruxelles or alternatively Bruxelles-Ville, Dutch: Stad Brussel or Brussel-Stad) is the largest municipality and historical centre of the Brussels-Capital Region, and the de jure capital of Belgium.[3] Besides the strict centre, it also covers the immediate northern outskirts where it borders municipalities in Flanders. It is the administrative centre of the European Union, thus often dubbed, along with the region, the EU's capital city. The City of Brussels is a municipality consisting of the central historic town and certain additional areas within the greater Brussels-Capital Region, namely Haren, Laeken and Neder-Over-Heembeek to the north, and Avenue Louise/Louizalaan and the Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kamerenbos park to the south

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