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Perfect Wedding Away


Perfect Wedding Away.


Weddings in Colombia are a big deal. A culture that relishes everything fiesta-orientated, the celebration is extravagent and lasts well into the morning. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come without planning, and for your wedding in Colombia there’s a lot you need to know before you can exchange your rings. Colombian law doesn’t require you to get a special visa to get married in the country. The happy couple have to identify themselves with a current passport and their tourist visas (locals need their cedula) and the following documents:

1. Authenticated passport/cedula de ciudadania photocopy.

2. Authenticated birth cerificate with a validity no longer than 30 days for Colombian naionals and 90 days for foreigners. If the certificat was issued in a language different from Spanish, it should be translated by an official translator and legalised before the local Foregin Ministery (apostilized)

3. Certificate of no impediment (AU) or Unmarried state certificate if any or both are foreigners.Remember that all your documents should be translated by an official translator before being legalised by the local Foreign Ministry.

So, once you’ve got your documents you’re ready for the next stage: presenting the documents.



When entering Colombia, the passport will be stamped with the required date of departure. While in Colombia, it is possible to request an extension to this departure date at the Colombian immigration offices, known as Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad, or DAS. If the visa has a duration of longer than three months, it is required to register with the DAS during the first 15 days in Colombia. If HIV positive or have AIDS, it is necessary to apply for a waiver of Colombia's travel restrictions for people with HIV/AIDS before traveling to Colombia. Waiver applications are made to the Colombian Embassy in the United States.


The Colombian Peso.


The most widely spoken-language in Cartagena is Spanish. However, English is popular among the younger crowd and people are always willing to help you even if you are not well-versed in Spanish.

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Cartagena features a tropical wet and dry climate. Humidity averages around 90%, with rainy seasons typically in May–June and October–November. The climate tends to be hot and windy.

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Cartagena’s mythology and its historic legacy invite tourists to explore a radiant and generous city, where they will find the space to interact with nature and learn the culture, customs, memories and stories of a people who carry the flavor of the Caribbean in their folklore. Well-known for its imposing 11km wall, built by the Spaniards, Cartagena has a historical center designed to be wandered without hurry, where its colonial treasures can be enjoyed in peace. In this city, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, there are festivals dedicated to cinema and to classical music. Cartagena, Colombia is the ideal place to spend a honeymoon, dive and arrive on a cruise ship, among others.

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Cartagena’s best beaches are found on the islands of Rosario, Barú and San Bernardo.

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Rafael Núñez International Airport (IATA: CTG, ICAO: SKCG) is an airport serving the Caribbean port city of Cartagena, Colombia. It is the largest airport in the country's northern Caribbean region in terms of passenger movement. It is located between the Caribbean coast and the Ciénaga de la Virgen marsh, in the center of Crespo, a neighborhood in northern Cartagena.

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As in all of the world's main port cities, you can find just about anything in Cartagena's commercial and tourism hotspots. Here, you'll come across imported goods, jewelry, antiques, and internationally recognized brand-name clothing. This warm and sunny beach destination also has hundreds of shops and stores all along the modern hotel zone, where you can buy necessities like sunglasses, bathing suits, wide-brimmed hats, comfortable sandals and a wide variety of beach accessories. In order to fully take advantage of your vacation, make sure to combine your souvenir shopping with your tours. The best place for simultaneous touring and shopping is inside the walled city, Cartagena's historic area. Walk along its streets as you take in the friendly atmosphere, stopping by the dozens of artisanal shops that you'll stumble upon along the way. Compare prices as you look over the merchandise, and choose the gifts that best resemble the style of your friends and family.

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Cartagena does not have such an active nightlife compared to cities like Bogotá or Medellín. Go there around the weekend to make sure you get a piece of the action as it could be quiet during the week. Most places to go out are located in El Centro Historico or in Getsemaní, it's safe but remember to stay aware and in control. Close to the walled city lies the modern tourism sector of Bocagrande, with beaches, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.

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Gastronomy is all part of the city’s party spirit. The range of cuisines and choices are multiplying by the day as travelers seek new and exotic flavors in both local and international cuisine. In the formation of the Typical Food of Cartagena intervened mainly the three races: indigenous, spanish and black, which contributed to the formation of the city in every aspect. When the conquerors and colonizers arrived, they found all sorts of exuberant vegetation of plants and fruits unknown at the Old World and now are a part of many dishes of universal gastronomy.

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Cartagena's calm waters and consistently windy conditions make it a famed location for the addictive sport of Kitesurfing. Enthusiasts come from all over the world to experience the thrill of whipping along the water's surface or (if they're brave) flying through the air. The beach-based schools also offer other activities such as windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, kayaks, jetskis and fishing. Cartagena Connections is hooked up with key Kitesurf schools and instructors and happy to put you in contact, answer questions, or tee things up.


Cartagena, Colombia is the sum of its incredible parts; its colonial, republican and modern architecture, the temptation of its vibrant nightlife, its cultural festivals, exuberant landscapes, magnificent beaches, outstanding gastronomic offerings and its important hotel and tourism infrastructure. It is a fantastic city that guards the secrets of its history in its walls and balconies, its buildings and its narrow, cobbled streets.

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