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Perfect Wedding Away


Perfect Wedding Away.


Many engaged couples looking to have their wedding in Costa Rica are not aware of the required documents, rules and regulations pertaining to marriage in this country. For instance, only a Catholic Priest or a Costa Rica Lawyer can marry a couple in Costa Rica, a Protestant Pastor may not. Here is all the up-to-date information needed to have a civil ceremony in Costa Rica.

If neither the Bride nor the Groom is Costa Rican:

Each person must have a valid passport which does not expire for 6 months, and you must submit two copies of each to your lawyer

You will need to locate and hire a local attorney to marry you and file your paperwork. If you are being wed at a hotel, the hotel will likely recommend an attorney or hire one for you. If the hotel does locate one, it will likely cost around $500 USD; however if you hire one on your own it will likely cost around $300. If one person’s first language is not Spanish, then a translator must be present and the ceremony must be held in both languages

You will need to give your lawyer the following information approximately one month before the wedding:

Full name of both Bride and Groom: first, middle and last. No initials will be accepted passport numbers and nationality.

Birth dates and places of birth

Foreign address


Two Witnesses are required to sign the marriage license. If you are traveling alone, the hotel will most likely provide you with the witnesses.

Only a lawyer (notary) or Catholic Priest in Costa Rica can perform the ceremony and the marriage is considered official when the document has been registered with the Registro Civil (Civil Registry). This can take anywhere between 3 months to almost a year.



American Citizens Do Not Require A Visa To Enter Costa Rica

Required Travel Documents For Adults And Minors:

1.      Travel Document Required

2.      Passport Yes

3.      Pre-paid airline or bus ticket to exit Costa Rica Yes

4.      Visa No

5.      How long can you stay per visit?  --- 3 months (90 calendar days)

Sufficient Financial Means

$100.00US dollars per every 30 calendar days you plan to stay in Costa Rica

1 Day Passport Validity Rule

Your passport must be valid at least 1 calendar day beyond the date that you enter Costa Rica. Passports must contain a blank visa stamp page. Children under 18 may travel with a joint passport with their parents, legal guardians or travel companion.


Colon & US Dollars 


Spanish & English

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As Jaco lies on the seashore, climate is normally humid, with relative humidity around 80%, reaching 90% in June. Temperature is 85–90 °F (24-32 °C) during the day and 75–80 °F (24-26 °C) at night. During the dry season, away from the water, the temperature may consistently reach 95 °F (35 °C) or above. Jacó lies in a tropical climate zone mainly defined by distinct dry and wet seasons. Generally speaking, August through early December are wet, and late December through early April are dry; the remaining months have irregular rainy spells.

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Jaco is truly the hub of the Central Pacific. Located just over one hour from San Jose, it offers plenty of services for everyday living. Banks, grocery stores, clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, even a cinema and performing arts theater. Jaco features the regions largest selection to choose from for both hotels and vacation rentals, including a number of direct beachfront options. Because of Jaco’s infrastructure, amenities and central location its common for vacationers to make Jaco their home base as they explore and tour the rest of the Central Pacific.

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Many tourists choose Jacó as a vacation destination because of its gorgeous, picturesque beaches. A few top choices include popular Playa Jaco, Playa Hermosa and Playa Herradura. Play Jacó is a very clean beach that’s almost always brimming with tourists. It’s a very beautiful and popular destination, but it’s important for swimmers to realize there is a very strong rip tide here. Swimming should always be done by experienced, cautious swimmers. Playa Hermosa is a famous surfing location that’s just south of Jacó. If you visit at the right time of year, you can watch the International Quicksilver Championship from the comfort of the beach. Playa Herradura is a more tranquil beach, which is perfect if you need a break from the pulsing energy of more heavily-populated areas. This beach is about seven kilometers north of Jacó and is a great place to unwind near the end of your vacation.

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Located just 75 minutes to the Juan Santamaria Airport in San Jose

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Keep in mind Jaco is just a small surf town, but you'll find plenty of great stores and boutiques throughout the area. Some of the local art is absolutely amazing. Local woods, custom clothing, jewelry and plenty of Costa Rica souvenirs can be found throughout town. Jut like anywhere else, not all stores are created equal, so here are some of our favorites and most recommended.

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Jaco is a traveler-friendly area that is known for its party atmosphere and active nightlife. If you love the party scene, visit some of the most popular spots in town during the evening hours instead of retiring to bed early. Casinos, trendy clubs, hole in the wall dive bars, there are no shortage of options in Jaco when it comes to those wishing to cut loose and explores Costa Rica's wilder side.

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Behind every great vacation is terrific food! We like to eat and one of our favorite parts of living in Jaco Beach & the Central Pacific are the many different restaurants to choose from. Cuisines include Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Argentinan, Vegeterian and of course Costa Rican. Around here there is no shortage of fresh and delicious seafood! Damn we are getting hungry just writing about it.

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There are many things to do in this pleasant town, including surfing, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, ATV tours, kayaking, boat rides, rafting and more.


Jaco is a beautiful, energetic beach town that’s located within two hours of Costa Rica’s capital and is known for its carefree party atmosphere and exceptional aquatic activities. If you want to spend time in an area bustling with animated nightlife and friendly locals, make sure you add Jacó to your travel itinerary.

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PerfectWeddingAway.com makes every effort to keep resort information up to date, however, information and marriage requirements may change, so we cannot guarantee that all information on particular resorts or destinations are completely accurate. Before making wedding decisions on any resort or destination, we strongly recommend that you speak with your destination wedding travel agent or / and wedding planner.