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Perfect Wedding Away

Saint Barthelemy

Perfect Wedding Away.


Visitors who wish to get married in Saint Barth can now do so without a prior residency period before the wedding. There are just a few forms that need to be filled out via the Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy.



Documents required for travelling to this destination (it is important to note that the requirements need to be general since they may differ for citizens of different countries. Or, we will need all requirements for every country (within reason)

For Citizens of the European Union a valid passport is sufficient to enter Saint Barthélemy. Citizens of the United States and Canada must have a valid passport as well as a return ticket or proof of continuation of travel. The passport must be valid for more than three months from the date of entry to Saint Barth. No other visa or paperwork is necessary for a stay of less than or equal to 90 days.


For citizens of other countries except Brazil, a valid passport is required, and residents of certain countries are required to have a visa as well. Check with your local French Embassy or Consulate to verify if you need a visa to enter St Barthélemy.


The island’s official currency is the euro.


French is the official language

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St. Barthelemy has a tropical maritime climate. Its average annual temperature is 80°F (27°C). The island’s “dry” season is from December to April and the “rainy” season, from May to November.

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Saint Barthélemy, also known as Saint Barth, is located in the Caribbean, between the island of St Martin and the archipelago of Guadeloupe with an extension of 9.6 square miles (25 square kilometers. It is a French Overseas Collectivity. It is considered one of the oldest volcanic islands in the Lesser Antilles, with dry, rocky soil and a coastline bordered with sparkling white sand and a warm ocean.

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With its perfect arcs of white sand, warm turquoise waters and a richness of underwater fauna sheltered by plant beds and coral, Saint Barth is filled with surprises. Shell Beach is a stretch of shells a one-of-a-kind spot very close to the center of Gustavia (5 minutes). Colombier is accessible only by boat or a footpath of Petite-Anse and its one of the most beautiful panoramic views on the island with clear, turquoise water, ideal for snorkeling. In Corossol there is a small fishing port. Its slightly brownish sand gives this beach a certain charm. Flamands is the largest beach with fine white sand and rolling waves; after Flamands, Saline beach is the largest, a very tranquil spot thanks to its remoteness. Lorient beach is called the “little pools” by the locals; it is very popular due to its security for children as it is protected by a coral reef. The other end of the beach is popular with surfers for its large waves.

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The easiest way for arrival is flying to Saint Martin (12-minute flight) with local companies providing the connecting flights to the island’s Gustave III Airport.

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Saint Barthélemy is ideal for shopping with total serenity. You must visit Gustavia or the town of Saint Jean to find the most prestigious luxury brands as well as local designers with items inspired on the island life. Interior design boutiques are filled with objects found around world. The Island is a duty-free town so be ready to purchase high fashion goods while walking by its picturesque streets.

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Nightlife in Saint Barth is usually calm. However, the bar scene is located in the center of Gustavia, attracting tourists and locals for drinks, live music and even a dance floor. During the music and film festivals every night there is a celebration of some public or private event. The restaurants and the resorts usually have lounge bars offering cocktails and music.

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Saint Barthélemy delights its visitors with a wide range of high-quality restaurants. The island possesses culinary traditions combining French lifestyle with Caribbean attitude, mixing flavors with even Asian or European accents to create a delicious fusion. More than 80 restaurants are available in the capital and several gastronomic events are held throughout the year, with chefs preparing dishes according to your desires. You can taste seafood as shrimp, fresh grilled lobster, and filet of local Mahi-Mahi in “papillote…the simplicity of fresh fish of the day. Also you can go to Saint Jean to have lunch with your feet in the sand.

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Saint Barthélemy offers a lot of options. Diving is a pleasure around Pain de Sucre (an islet off Gustavia) or in l'Ane Rouge, where massive corals are in full bloom and you will see multicolored coral fish. Each bay has a reef to be explored. Try also Jet Skis, kayaking or paddle boats. Surfing and windsurfing is great in beaches like Lorient and Anse des Cayes thanks to their wave forms. Kite surfing is perfect in Grand Cul de Sac, Toiny and St Jean. You can rent a catamaran for a tour of the island or an excursion at sea. For the fans of deep-sea fishing you have the chances to catch beautiful fish, like a mahi-mahi, tuna, Wahoo, or a marlin.


The population of Saint Barth remains very conservative, proud of its lineage. But don’t be fooled by false impressions: the inhabitants of Saint Barth seem reserved, yet are much friendlier than they appear.

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