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Perfect Wedding Away.


To get married in Bermuda, you must be: -16 or over (but written permission from your parents is required if you are under 18). -Free to marry. -Not closely related to your intended spouse. 1. Submit a Notice of Intended Marriage to the Registry General, along with any evidence that you are free to marry, and the required fee. 2. The Registry General will publish the Notice in the official gazette twice. 3. After a 15 day waiting period, the Registry General will issue a Marriage License to you and your intended spouse (the license will be valid for three months from the date of issue). 4. Before the wedding, you have to give the Marriage Licence to the registered Marriage Officer (e.g. minister, rabbi, or imam) who will perform the ceremony. 5. The marriage ceremony takes place (marriage ceremonies may be either religious ceremonies performed by registered Marriage Officers or civil ceremonies officiated by the Registrar General at the Registry General Office. 6. The Marriage Officer must complete a Particulars of Marriage - Form F and send it to the Registry General so the details of the marriage can be registered. 7. The Registry General will issue your Marriage Certificate within ten days of receipt of the Particulars of Marriage - Form F. Pay the Fees.



Documents required for travelling to this destination (it is important to note that the requirements need to be general since they may differ for citizens of different countries. Or, we will need all requirements for every country (within reason)


You must hold a valid passport to enter Bermuda. Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. No additional period of validity beyond this is required.

British passport holders don’t need a visa to enter Bermuda as a visitor, but you must book accommodation before you arrive. Visitors are usually granted entry for up to 90 days. As of 1 March 2014, Bermuda entry visas and visa waivers will no longer be required for tourist and business visitors and work permit holders. To be landed in Bermuda, the following requirements must be met: 1) All travellers who require a multi re-entry visa (MRV) must present this visa-type upon arrival in Bermuda; 2) The MRV for the UK, US or Canada must be valid for 45 days after the expiration of a visitor stay and/or of the work permit; and 3) All travellers must possess a passport that is valid for 45 days past the expiration of travel and/or of the work permit (Note: US Passport Cards are not permitted for use for travel to Bermuda by air). Persons whose MRV and passport validity is less than 45 days will not be landed. For clarity, the passport rule (45 days validity) only applies to travellers who require an MRV. 


Bermudian Dollar



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Bermuda has a subtropical climate, with hot and humid weather from spring through fall, warmed by the nearby Gulf Stream. Summertime heat rarely exceeds 86 °F (30 °C). The cooler months are January, February, and March (average 63 °F (17 °C).

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Bermuda is a self-governing British overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Caribbean, off the coast of North America east of North Carolina. Bermuda is divided into nine parishes.

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Bermuda’s coastline holds hidden coves and beaches with iconic pale-pink sand and brushed by gentle surf. Most of the best beaches are on the famous South Shore. Among the most popular beaches you will find Horseshoe Bay Beach, bordered by rocky areas suitable for snorkeling (maybe the most photographed Bermudian beach). Elbow Beach has beautiful pink sand beach, it is located between Coral Beach and Elbow Beach. Shelly Bay has shallow waters which makes it a great choice for families and kids. Tobacco Bay possesses warm-water beach and can be reached on foot from St. George square. Other beaches feel like secluded island hideaways and are more private.

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Bermuda L.F. Wade International Airport (IATA: BDA) operates daily flights from several U.S. Cities, Canada and U.K. The airport is situated in St. George's Parish, adjacent to Castle Harbour.

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Front Street, in Hamilton, is one of the main shopping streets, facing the harbor, with boutiques and art studios, perfumes and jewelry made with pink sand, like Washington Mall, the biggest of several malls. The town of St George and Royal Naval Dockyard have shopping malls as Clocktower Mall, with locally made arts crafts and colorful island accessories. Small stores can be found throughout the island.

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In Hamilton you will find bars, sports bars and pubs as well as clubs and lounges, with live music or DJs. There are also live jazz, reggae and calypso bands. Visit East End for a casual atmosphere with the view of harbor of St. George’s or at the opposite end of the island facing Mangrove Bay. In the west experience Snorkel Park Beach and enjoy the ocean-view with live entertainment and local DJ’s to party all night long. Bermuda is known its cocktails with local rum with bitters and fruit juices. Two of the most famous are Dark 'n Stormy and the Rum Swizzle.

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Eating in Bermuda is an authentic culinary experience with hundreds of places serving Bermudian, seafood, Italian cuisines and British pub-style dishes, from casual options to fine dining restaurants. The most representative Bermudian foods are salted codfish, boiled with potatoes, the Sunday breakfast and Hoppin' John (boiled rice and black-eyed peas). Other dishes are Cassava pie, Bay grape jelly, Bermuda Bananas and Fish Chowder. Hamilton and St George town host the majority of the restaurants and the hotels and resorts. Among the options for international cuisine you will find Sushi, Indian and Asian fusion. In the Western part of the island there are Mediterranean restaurants and bistro style with comfort food and homemade beers.

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Sailing is very popular with both residents and visitors. The prestigious Newport–Bermuda Yacht Race has more than 100 years with a race between Newport, Rhode Island and Bermuda. Explore the waters of Bermuda from a Glass Bottom boat and discover what lies underneath.


What's better than a Bermuda sunset? A Bermuda sunset out on the water with a cocktail in hand. Bermuda is often considered to be part of the Caribbean region, but Bermuda is actually British North America. Bermuda is in the Sargasso Sea, not the Caribbean Sea. Bermuda is closer to the United States than any island in the Caribbean.

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