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Perfect Wedding Away


Perfect Wedding Away.


Copies of birth certificate for bride and groom with apostille (state certification).

Passport picture page or valid state issued picture ID for Bride & Groom.

Witness‘(18 years up) passport picture page or valid state issued picture ID (minimum 2 witnesses).

Certificate of no impediment for bride and groom (also referred to as a single status report and in some states called a negative statement of marriage). Apostilles are required for "negative statement of marriage".

If either party has been divorced a copy of the 1st and last page of the divorce decree(s) is required. If either party is a widow (er) copy of death certificate is required.



Documents required for travelling to this destination (it is important to note that the requirements need to be general since they may differ for citizens of different countries. Or, we will need all requirements for every country (within reason)

A tourist must have:


A passport that is valid upon entry and for the duration of stay in Aruba. If the tourist holds a passport from a visa required country (list A), he/she must have a valid visa sticker in his/her passport

A completely filled-in and signed Embarkation and Disembarkation card (ED-card);

A valid return- or onward ticket;

The necessary documents for returning to the country of origin or to a country that he/she has the right to enter, for example a valid residence permit (temporary or permanent), a re-entry permit or a (entry) visa;

if so requested, the tourist has to be able to prove to the satisfaction of the migration officer that he/she has a valid reservation for an accommodation in Aruba and/or adequate financial means to provide for hotel expenses and living expenses during his/her stay. The final authorization for admission to Aruba remains with the migration officer at the border-crossing/port of entry.

The maximum period of time that a person can be admitted to Aruba as a tourist is 30 days. 


The official currency of Aruba is the Aruban florin (Afl), which is divided into 100 cents. The silver Florin coins are divided into denominations of 5, 10, 50 cents, and one florin. American dollars are readily accepted everywhere on the island.


Dutch and Papiamento are Aruba's official languages, but most Arubans speak at least four languages, including English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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Aruba has a dry climate. Located outside the hurricane belt with constant cooling trade winds, Aruba has sunny days with its weather consistently warm year-round with a fairly constant temperature of 82°F (28°C).

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Aruba’s pristine, white-sand beaches and calm turquoise waters are some of the top ten beaches in the world open to the public. The beaches include wide shaded expanses, quiet retreats, and busy sunbathing and water sports meccas. Much of the seven-mile strip along the west coast is lined with resorts and packed with activity. Beach goers relax on their comfortable lounges while swimming, snorkeling and all kinds of wet ‘n wild water sports.

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The Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA) welcomes over 150 flights every week from various cities in the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, England, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Suriname, Curacao and Bonaire.

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Shops in Aruba are open mostly from morning to late afternoon. From the excitement of Main Street to malls like Renaissance Mall, Renaissance Marketplace and Paseo Herencia, you would get excellent local treasures and the most popular brands with chic and modern clothes, perfumes, accessories and souvenirs. A day in the malls is an experience you can’t miss.

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Aruban nights add excitement to the Island’s quiet desert-island persona. Mingle with locals and tourists at one of the scores of casual beach and pier bars along the coast from downtown Oranjestad to the far end of the high-rise strip. The hotel and downtown areas boast trendy venues and after-hours nightclubs, from karaoke and martini bars to upscale bistros and casual pubs. Twelve exciting resort casinos offer non-stop after-dark gaming action, lively house bands, and exhilarating ambiances.

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Aruba’s melting pot of cultures contributes to an interesting menu of local dishes, with heavy influences from Holland, South America, and other Caribbean islands. While some of the dishes and libations are typically enjoyed on special occasions, others are found on Aruban tables quite regularly. Award-winning chefs from all over the world spin their magic, adding new and exciting dimensions to Aruba’s unique and dynamic culinary stew pot. Even traditional favorites acquire a new look and taste. Aruba’s multi-cultural history is reflected today in dishes such as bami and nasi goreng rice, saté with peanut sauce, and Dutch pea soup and thin pancakes served with a variety of sweet and savory toppings. Johnny cakes (fried, puffy biscuits) and pan bati (Aruban pancake) replace traditional bread. Do experience a bit of Aruban flavor by visiting local restaurants. Many of them feature a sumptuous seafood soup and freshly caught fish such as wahoo, red snapper, mahi-mahi and barracuda.

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Aruba's constant trade winds have made the Island a very popular spot for windsurfers. Aruba is host to the annual Hi-Winds Windsurfing Pro-Am Grand Prix World Cup event in June. Snorkeling is usually done in shallow waters for the best view possible of hundreds of tropical fish which can be seen in Aruba. Aruba also has many Scuba Diving operators who offer scuba divers the opportunity to take advantage of Aruba's clear blue waters filled with a huge variety of coral and fish of infinite color and hues. Especially recommended are the areas near Malmok, Spanish Lagoon and Commandeurs Baai.


Located 15 miles north of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean, Aruba is 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across, with a total area of 70 square miles. On the south and west coasts of Aruba, you’ll find Oranjestad, the capital city, and miles of beaches that have been named some of the best in the world. You will find most of the hotels and all-inclusive resorts, the Arikok National Park, striking views and natural wonders as the fofoti trees. Aruba's excellent location makes it an ideal destination for travelers worldwide. The beaches along the windward coast are more secluded. There are coves carved out of limestone. Both coasts afford spectacular Caribbean views.

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