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Destination Wedding Guide to Dress Silhouettes

Fashion | 14-11-2018

While many brides may have binders full of their dream dress photos, the gowns often look very different when they actually try them on, which often leaves women frustrated and disappointed.

In order to find a dress that looks great on the rack, but more importantly, on you, keep your figure in mind while shopping for the perfect gown.

Keep these silhouettes in mind while shoping.

Best silhouettes

Destination Weddings brides need to be concerned about the fit and style of a dress, as well as a gown´s fabric. Stick to A-Line, sheath, trumpet, mermaid, fit-and-flare, empire or short dress styles if you´re having a destination Wedding. Gowns which lack Fuller skirts and excess fabric are going to be easier to travel with.

A-line gowns are flattering no matter what figure a bride has. They are tighter at the top and flare out at the bottom. Although they´re flattering for nearly all shapes and sizes, curvier brides may be especially drawn to A-line gowns because they balance out a woman´s hips and disguise mid-sections.

Sheath gowns have straight fits and are relatively unforgiving no matter how thin a bride may be. Sheth gowns fit the best on tall, Slim brides with small chests, hips and thighs.

Trumpet-style gowns are body-hugging dresses which hug the chest, midsection, hip and upper-thigh areas and flare out mid-thigh.

Mermaid dresses are similar. The Only difference between trumpet and mermaid gowns is that they flare out at or below the knee area. Fit-and-flare gowns flare our at the hip.

Mermaid, trumpet and fit-and-flare gowns accentuate curves and hug rather that skim the body. The silhouettes are perfect for brides who have small busts, are thin and want to create the illusion of more curves.  The silhouetes are typically not as flattering on pear-shapped or full-figured brides as they hug the body rather than flare out and balance a woman´s shape.

Empire-line gowns are tight in the bust and fall from that area, They accentuate the bust and hide a bride´s hip area. These gowns are best for tall brides or those with small busts. They will overwhelm petite brides.

Short dresses are chic, fun and easier to travel with. They come in a range of fabrics and are perfect for those who want to show off a Little leg. There are a range of silhouettes short dresses come in, so those looking for bubble dresses or figure-hugging silhouettes will both have plenty of options.

Short dresses are best for daring brides who aren´t afraid to make a statement or for second-times brides or vow renewals as they are less fancy than full-lenght gowns.



Stay Away from…

Although ball gowns are a favorite of many traditional brides, they´re  a fashion don´t for most destination Wedding brides. They are heavy and uncomfortable for brides to wear in humid temperaturas and extremely difficult to travel with.

If you do choose this style, consider your destination. This gown might be more appropiate for a Wedding in Italy, Ireland or England – at a castle or other romantic destination. However, consider that there will be hastle and mostly likely a significant cost involved with transporting a large ball gown.

Avoid anything with lots of tulle or extra fabric. Packing and shiping the dress will prove to be extremely difficult and you won´t want to deal with a wrinkled dress when you get to your destination.

By Lauren Finnegan

Photo by Charrisse Kenion